At Encino Tower Dental we believe that receiving a smile can make your whole day and that giving your smile to someone else is even better. That’s why we’re so passionate about what we do. We love creating healthy, beautiful smiles at our dental practice in Encino, CA.


Whether your path to a great smile is preventive care, restorative care, regular hygiene, cosmetic dentistry or smile design for any member of your family, we'd love to help you and every member of your family love to smile. That way you can get get out there and start making other people smile just by flashing your own healthy, beautiful smile.

Our Mission

At Encino Tower Dentistry, we wish to provide a comfortable dental environment for the family-oriented community of Encino. Our mission is to educate and motivate our patients in seeking and maintaining oral health while providing high standard dental care. It is our professional responsibility to educate the patients about their dental health in simple language and to guide them in choosing the most appropriate treatment plan where they are confident that they have made a well-informed decision about their treatment. We strive to provide quality patient-specific dental care in a friendly office. This approach begins with making the right decision plan from the beginning and involves evaluating the cause of the problem as opposed to just treating the symptoms.

At Encino Tower Dental our team is dedicated to making you feel great - about your smile and about your health. It always makes us smile when our patients refer friends and family for an appointment. To make it a little more fun, every time your refer someone you could win.

Download the card here, fill out your part, and share it with your friends. When they bring it in for their free consultation, the card will be entered into our drawing. Good luck and thank you for sharing a smile!

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