Cavities, Cavity Bugs – What?


One of the most familiar dental terms is the word “cavity”. So what is it really?
The word cavity refers to a breakdown or decay of the tooth enamel that can expand from a small lesion to permanently destroy a larger portion of the tooth. To prevent your teeth from cavities, you can strengthen the structure of your teeth with fluoride and sealants or reduce the harmful bacteria in your mouth


Fluoride strengthens teeth by going into the tooth and replaces lost minerals that can compromise the tooth structure. Everyone should use a fluoride toothpaste daily. Sometimes the dentist will recommend additional toothpaste products and rinses for children and adults. Be sure to talk to us about what toothpaste is being used in your house!


Although you will never get rid of all bacteria in your mouth, brushing and flossing, regular hygiene visits to the dentist and watching the acidic and sugar producing foods in your diet can go a long way to control decay. Many people are not aware that carbohydrates like chips and bread act as sugar on your teeth and if not thoroughly removed can create an environment for decay.


Next time you visit our office, ask us about ways to reduce the risk for cavities. We love providing you with the education to keep your mouth healthy!