The Practiced Smile


Have you spent hours practicing a golf swing, a tennis shot or making the perfect omelet? They say practice makes perfect. But if you’ve ever stood at the mirror and practiced smiling, chances are you don’t really like your smile.


A smile is a powerful way to communicate and most of us want our smile to be warm and welcoming, but there are three types of smiles: the fake smile, the social smile and the open smile.


The fake smile is the one you put on when you aren’t really in the moment. The one you use when passing a stranger or when you have to do something that isn’t comfortable; like posing for a photo. The face has little or no change except the corners of the mouth are very slightly turned up and, usually, no teeth are showing.


The social smile is a little more open, a little more turned up at the corners of your mouth, a slight break between the upper and lower lip and maybe a few little wrinkles show around your eyes. This smile can be genuine, but it’s still practiced and a bit guarded.


The open smile is where your lips turn up, your teeth show, the corners of your eye’s crinkle and your face is totally involved. This is the smile that lights up a room and doesn’t require any practice at all.


At Encino Tower Dental, we spend every day helping people love their smiles. Pretty cool way to spend the day! If you’d like to love your smile, we’d love to help. Your face with thank you!